Custom Homes

custom homeThere is a certain magic that can be seen and felt in homes created through a close working relationship between owner and designer. The talented design team at Building Concepts, Inc. works closely with each client to create wonderful homes for daily living.

Whether you love to entertain or simply enjoy coming home to a space that is uniquely yours, we create homes that are not only visually appealing but also comfortable and functional.

Free Consultations

It is the goal of our designers to get a clear picture of how you envision your custom home and to make sure you are satisfied with the finished product. To that end, we offer comprehensive, one on one consultations, with no obligations and completely free of charge.

Deciding What to Build (Programming)

This is your time to express your thoughts and ideas regarding the home you would ultimately like to live in. It is our time to listen, question, and explore possibilities. Our designers take the time to learn your individual tastes and preferences, while helping you to understand the practical and functional aspects of the home building process.

State of the Art Plans

The professionals at Building concepts, Inc. listen carefully to our clients and strive to integrate your vision with your budget. We will help you create a total home environment, both interior and exterior, that is visually interesting as well as structurally sound and functional.

Preliminary Design

Once you have decided the type of home you would like to build, the actual design work begins with a series of rough sketches known as ‘schematic designs’. This is the part of the process where your imagination, as well as the experience and skill of your designer, will bring your project to life. In reviewing these drawings with your designer you will be able to identify and discuss the things you like about the design, as well as things you would like to change, until you are satisfied with the direction of the project.

custom homeConstruction Documents

Once you are satisfied with the final design, your home will be drawn and engineered using state-of-the-art computer technology. Once these drawings have been meticulously reviewed, a final set of plans or ‘Construction Documents’ will be produced. These documents contain the drawings and specifications that your Contractor will use to build your home. Thorough, high-quality documentation can help prevent problems or delays during construction.

For more detailed information regarding the design process, please our Residential Design Services brochure