Commercial & Industrial

commercialAt Building Concepts Inc. we offer planning and engineering for commercial and light industrial building projects in addition to homes. Our expert draftsmen will work with you to create a building design to meet the standards, requirements, and tastes of your business or company. We help you throughout the process of the project from the initial consultation, to obtaining building permits, to the overseeing of construction.


  • Commercial and light industrial
  • Planning, drafting, engineering
  • Submittal services
  • Construction observation
  • Hiring a contractor


Commercial Building Consulting

Starting a new commercial building project can be challenging when it comes to coordinating the plans, contracting, and permits. Let us act as your building project consultants and handle everything you need throughout your project. From the initial consultation we will draft, design, and create the plans for your building and help you find the best contractor for the job.


Construction and Permit Overseeing

We have extensive knowledge of building codes, state ordinances, and permits so we are able to make sure your building meets all regulations and requirements. If you’d like, we can even oversee your construction, coordinate plans, and interview contractors.

Contact us to begin discussing your commercial or industrial building project with our talented team.